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Originally posted on Shoddy exhibition:
I was asked to write something for a publication accompanying a project called Figure-Process-Material, part of the Yorkshire Sculpture Triangle outreach and engagement programme. This project involved a number of community groups in an  educational…

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Elaine Showalter and ‘the feminisation of madness’

As part of researching literary references to lived experience of psychiatric hospital I recently re-read Elaine Showalter’s The Female Malady. My research is chiefly concerned with looking at the … Source: Elaine Showalter and ‘the feminisation of madness’

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THE COURAGE TO COME FORWARD – An Interview with Colin Hambrook

Art has a key role to play. For example, having one of the lead roles on Coronation Street played by a young actor with learning difficulties I think that is definitely going to change attitudes, make a lot of people … Continue reading

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Crippen takes his gloves off for Cameron!

Originally posted on crippencartoons:
Crippen’s Deaths cartoon OK you bastard, it’s ‘gloves off’ time! The time has come to take the gloves off with my response to the inhuman treatment of disabled people by David Cameron. What is it with…

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Growing up with god

My daughter is fast moving towards that teenage state of being. The world shrinks and expands through different cycles in life. One moment what seemed so vast, suddenly refracts through a different lens by dint of being alive. I guess … Continue reading

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Furniture for a room of loss and mourning

I was talking with a friend about the worry over elderly parents and she said “we’ve reached a new phase of our lives”. In older cultures transitionary life stages were marked with ritual and given a sense of meaning and … Continue reading

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Jane and Samantha comment on audio-description

I asked Jane and Samantha from Pesky People to give some honest feedback to the creative audio-descriptions Joseph Young and I created for Knitting Time. I wanted to get a more in-depth response from a VIP perspective. This is how … Continue reading

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Slipping in and out of breakfast

I’m in the run-up to the exhibition now, feeling nervous and daunted, I guess, but also optimistic that it will all come together. And that people will come and give the work some critical appreciation. I’ve always found exhibiting the … Continue reading

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World Suicide Prevention Day 2013

Tomorrow is World Suicide Prevention Day organised by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) There are various events happening around the UK to remember loved ones; talk about suicide and break down taboos. There seem to be quite a … Continue reading

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Freedom in colour

Time flies. Not long till the workshops at Pallant House now and am throwing myself into colouring a lot of the illustrations for Knitting Time. In this coloured version of Freedom I tried to capture a sense of the changing … Continue reading

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