Growing up with god

My daughter is fast moving towards that teenage state of being. The world shrinks and expands through different cycles in life. One moment what seemed so vast, suddenly refracts through a different lens by dint of being alive.

I guess it’s the universality of that experience that has kept Jonathan Swift’s novel Gulliver’s Travels as popular as it is even now, after nearly 300 years since its publication.

Growing up with god

Recalling your fearlessness
at that age just beyond crawling,
diving down a fifty foot slide
backwards, head first; the buzz
of danger and sheer aliveness.

And now older, revisiting the play park
watching you at home with your world;
and everything looking so much smaller
as if god had shrunk
to the size of an ant;

especially the swinging basket
that once resembled a titan;
the children desperate to get the thing
to roll all the way over its axis,
instilling fear into every parent.

So what is it with the furniture of life?
this patch of grass that was once an acre,
this square mile that held everything,
all expanding and contracting
as if the earth itself had a will of it’s own.

(c) Colin Hambrook

About Knitting Time: art and poetry on the theme of psychosis

'Knitting Time: a journey through loss' is a poetry and visual arts project reflecting on the theme of art and psychosis. A book and exhibition of the work is due to be launched at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester, West Sussex on 10 October 2013 to celebrate World Mental Health Day. During this research and development phase I want to gather responses, thoughts, recollections and comments, so please fill in my surveymonkey at and add your let me know what you think? Or feel free to email me via knitting-time [at]
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